The Team


Olivia Taylor

Expedition Leader

Olivia is a second year geographer and president of the Cambridge University Expeditions Society. Olivia is a keen mountaineer having grown up close to Snowdonia, and her past expedition experiences include spending 5 weeks backpacking and mountaineering in Svalbard, mountaineering in the Alps, trekking in Ladakh as well as leading the Cambridge Trollaskagi expedition to northern Iceland last summer. Other than organising expeditions, in her spare time Olivia loves running, cycling and rock climbing. Olivia is particularly excited about the fact that unlike her previous expeditions, the Zanskar expedition is dependent on a completely different skill set, being research oriented with the aim to share our findings with a wider audience. (And hopefully, on this trip her bad weather curse when on expeditions might finally be broken!)

Charlotte Zealley

Treasurer & Secretary

Expedition treasurer Charlotte is a first year historian. Previous trekking experiences include New Zealand and following the Trans-Mongolian route across Asia and Europe, a highlight of which was living with nomadic families in Mongolia. Charlotte is really looking forward to the moment where we really arrive in the Zanskar region after crossing the high altitude Pensi-La pass. Charlotte is also a member of the Cambridge University Hillwalking Club and escapes the devastating lack of topography that is East Anglia for weekends in Snowdonia and the Lake District.

Henry Miller

Medical Officer

Henry is a second year veterinary medic and our designated medical officer, for which he has attended a number of training courses . Though Henry’s main interests are animal-related, the Cambridge Veterinary course follows similar structure to the Medical course for the first three years so has a good grounding in general medical biology. Henry is an accomplished sportsman with a “go for it attitude” applied to lacrosse, squash and football amongst other activities and will bring his team skills to the mountains of Ladakh. Amongst the team, Henry is renowned for his appetite and can always be found with packets of ginger nut biscuits and peanuts which have kept the team fuelled through many a meeting. As well as the physical challenge of the trek, Henry is looking forward to seeing observing livestock husbandry practices in Ladakh through his own project and compare them to his experiences of farming in the UK.

Hannah Davis

Outreach and Communications

Hannah is a first year HSPS (Human, Social and Political Sciences) student with a particular interest in anthropology. Past experiences include an expedition to Thailand and Cambodia including remote jungle trekking and working with local communities. Hannah loves photography and has produced films for various university societies this term.  She will be responsible for documenting the expedition both by producing a film which will be shared afterwards and coordinating an educational outreach programme with Cambridge schools and the educational  Ladakhi NGO SECMOL (The Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh). Hannah is really looking forward to being able to film our documentary and capturing the highs and lows of our personal experiences as well as our research.


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