Post- exams, Cambridge Zanskar is back online!

After almost one month of exam season for the whole team, with the university term over and most of us back at home, it’s high time Cambridge Zanskar comes back online. We have all more or less recuperated and are back on expedition planning duties, except for the odd short holiday or walking trip. We’re also beginning our count-down to when we actually leave:  it really is getting close.

In terms of planning and logistics over the past few weeks we’ve been keeping on top of what needs to be done and have been able to finalise our route during our trek, which was particularly exciting to know where we’ll be able to visit. We’ve also begun to get close to reaching our fundraising targets, and hopefully a few final initiatives (more below!) will balance our finances for the project, which is obviously a real relief. Now is the time to really sort out the nitty gritty of our plans, checking details and procedures, and so is both a little time consuming but in equal measure exciting to see plans come into fruition.

As I mentioned, one of our big goals has been to make sure we definitely have enough funding to see the project through and one of our final initiatives has been to set up a crowd funding campaign. The concept of crowd funding was something that has really interested us all, but unfortunately not something we were very knowledgeable about, so this first took some research time. We read around the relatives benefits and disadvantages about different crowdfunding platforms and considered which our project would be best aligned to, and of course, how best to explain and advertise our project. This led us to realise that an accompanying video, presented by ourselves as the expedition members would likely be the best mechanism for this – which of course led to some fun experimentation in terms of how to present to a camera, which none of us found easy. Nonetheless, we’re really pleased with the eventual result (after a lot of out takes!), so please have a quick look at our shiny new crowdfunder campaign and video:


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