SES Cadogan Tate Explorer Award

Unfortunately we’ve all entered into the part of the Cambridge year when any time not spent revising and working is probably time you should be spending revising and working… Accordingly expedition blogging may take something of a backseat for the next few weeks, but this really has to be an exception because we have some exciting news to share!

Last week Charlotte, Hannah & myself headed down to London to attend the Scientific Exploration Societies’ Explorer Awards evening because I had been awarded their one of two inaugural Cadogan Tate explorer awards. The awards intend to support young expedition leaders organising expeditions which fit their motto of ‘pioneering with purpose’. The Cadogan Tate award specifically was intended to support expeditions with an environment and conservation slant. This is really exciting news, there had been lots of really good applications and I was really honoured to have been chosen, alongside another winner Matthew Jasinski, a marine biologist.

We headed down to London excitedly, and for the first time in numerous trips to the capital we actually gave ourselves enough time to get down to Cambridge station and get the train we intended to! After a quick hike through London on tube strike day we rushed to get changed in a café toilet (!) – thinking we’ll definitely be having much worse in Ladakh. When we arrived at the reception itself it was time to relax, meet our sponsors Cadogan Tate and enjoy the amazing company that the event had drawn.

The award winners and presenters! thanks to Nicholas Young & Co Photography for this photograph

The award winners and presenters!
thanks to Nicholas Young & Co Photography for this photograph

It was really fantastic to be able to share details of the expedition with the sponsor of the award – the global removals firm Cadogan Tate and to thank them for their generous support. The buzz in the room gave it quite an atmosphere and it was clear that the evening had gathered much of the tight-knit community in the expeditions world! Hearing about the other award winners was pretty inspirational and we all felt so pleased that the Cambridge Zanskar expedition could be given such a platform. After the official presentation we had an enjoyable few hours of mingling with other award winners, representatives from Cadogan Tate and the SES as well as the many really knowledgeable and interesting guests of the evening.

Overall, following the event, we’ve been feeling really motivated and excited about where the project has got to so far and the experience we’ll have this summer. I’d like to say a big thank you to the SES & Cadogan Tate for the support – both financially and the encouragement and belief shown in our expedition, which makes all the difference!

Also, take a look at our Cadogan Tate write up!

With thanks to the SES for their support.

With thanks to the SES for their support.

And to Cadogan Tate.

And to Cadogan Tate.



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